7' Nakiri peilis 'Maple' Gold

  • 7' Nakiri peilis 'Maple' Gold

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    7 inch, 67 layers VG-10 damascus steel Nakiri knife.  

    VG-10 damascus steel
    Layers of the blade
    67 layers
    Knife handle
    Stabilized maple wood
    Dishwasher safe
    Not recommended
  • The blade of this 7 inch nakiri knife is made out of 67 layers VG-10 damascus steel. VG-10 steel is the most popular steel among the knife makers worldwide, to make the best kitchen knives for chefs and food enthusiasts. This steel is also well known for it's edge and sharpness maintaining capabilities. That is why you don't have to sharpen these knives as often as regular stainless steel knives. Also this steel is very resistant to rust and hard-wearing. Every knife has a unique patterns on the blade making them one of the kind. They are very durable, well-balanced and their unique design make the work even more pleasant. The handle of this knife is made out of stabilized maple wood. It fits very well in the palm of your hand and is very confortable even for a long use. Nakiri knives are widely used by vegetarians for its vegetable cutting abilities. The hard vegetables are less likely to crack or break when cutting with this knife.  

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